We are the friendly club, come and join us and have fun.
     Ladies of all playing levels are required by the Club.  We run
      3  ladies sides and are keen to augment our playing numbers.
          Even  if you have not played bowls before, come and learn
and join us at the friendly club.
      Fees for the 1st year -  only $120 (Pennant player)
      Contact - Ladies Vice President    - Bernie Cocks     8381 7580
      Admin Secretary                             - Bob Cooper     0448 266 041
                                  or go to  'Contact us'

         SUBSCRIPTIONS -  2017-2018              
    Full       (Non Pennant Player)
    Full Member &
    Pennant Player
 No Charge
    Life Member
 Bowls SA Capitation Fee
    Night Owls
    New Member  
               Subscriptions are payable by First Pennant Game
            ( Part-Payments must be arranged with the Treasurer, by the above date.)

  Payment can be made to the club CBA Account


                    BSB 065 116  A/c 00110108


Full Member: 
Indoor Bowls; Use of Clubhouse and Greens; Voting Rights;  World-wide reciprocal rights.
Full Member/Pennant Player:
Pennant Bowls; Club Tournaments; Open Tournaments; Indoor Bowls; Use of Clubhouse and Greens; Voting Rights;  World-wide reciprocal rights.
Life Member: 
Pennant Bowls; Club Tournaments; Open Tournaments; Indoor Bowls;Use of Clubhouse  and Greens; Voting Rights. World-wide reciprocal rights.
Full Member but No Voting Rights.  World- wide reciprocal rights.
Use of Clubhouse & Greens, Indoor Bowls. Membership No. which enables person to take part in Membership draw at Club on Friday nights.
Night Owls:
Night Owl Bowls only.
New Member:
A new bowler, or an existing bowler from another club.